Prescribers’ SPaCE (Sharing Practice and Continuing Education)

Innovation and adoption

Partner Organisations

  • University of Birmingham


  • Digital health
  • Education and skills

Date Initiated

31 March 2014

Project Status

In Progress

The Prescribers’ SPaCE website provides an effective online community for multi-disciplinary non-medical prescribers (NMPs) to work together to share ideas, evidence based resources and good practice tools. This supports quality prescribing and the efficient development of new and extended roles by NMPs within their locality.

Prescribers' SPaCE supports NMPs with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with access to the latest evidence and information on relevant courses, events and conferences.  A key benefit for NMPs is that Prescribers' SPaCE has a CPD tracker which automatically records CPD as they interact with the website.  A personalised certificate detailing CPD completed is available to generate to support CPD portfolios.  

We provide a platform for NMP innovation to be celebrated and shared to develop non-medical prescribing across the NHS.

Programme Outcomes

  • The planned outcomes are to create a web-based engagement hub for NMPs that will provide an effective engagement channel and a workspace for collaborative working to share good practice.
  • The NMP community, including higher education institutions that offer prescribing courses for NMPs, have shown a great interest in the platform and it is clear that there is a need for such a resource to support best practice.
  • Project Lead Bethan Knight has built the Community of Practice platform utilising the technical capabilities and expertise from OCB Media.
  • The Prescribers’ SPaCE website was launched across the UK in November 2015. 260 NMPs, Chief Pharmacists and Heads of Medicine Management were emailed with promotional leaflet, with media and social media coverage both locally and nationally. As of 25/2/16, there were 362 registered members on Prescribers’ SPaCE, with approximately 10 NMPs joining per week. 
  • CPD functionality is being further developed and it is anticipated that this will be available in April 2016
  • A monthly newsletter is being developed to registered users of Prescribers’ SpaCE and will be implemented in April 2016.

Programme Lead

Bethan Knight
t: 0121 371 8061