Meridian online health innovation exchange

Innovation and adoption

Partner Organisations

  • GE Finnamore
  • Medilink West Midlands


  • Wealth creation
  • Digital health

Date Initiated

31 March 2015

Project Status

Regional rollout

This programme has developed Meridian, the online health innovation exchange that supports the spread of good practice to deliver improved health and wealth across the West Midlands. The exchange was launched in early 2016. 

Meridian is a pioneering interactive platform for anyone to share their innovations and ideas, build groups and networks and make contact with people whose innovations could change healthcare in the West Midlands. The website supports the adoption of good practice in health and social care and shares lessons learned from across the sector.

Users – including people from the NHS, academia, industry and the third sector – are able to submit their ideas so that others can comment, suggest ways in which it may be improved and vote for innovations that are good for the region to support and worthy of further development. Alternatively, users can respond to campaigns, where there has been a specific healthcare need identified in the West Midlands which may be solved through an existing or new innovation. 

Meridian moderators, who are active in the innovation community in the West Midlands, review the submissions to assess the innovation effectively and provide practical support for the development of the idea.

When an idea is submitted, Meridian notifies the user if similar innovations have been submitted, allowing people to partner with others in the community who have had similar insights. Once an innovation has been submitted, the user becomes the Innovation Champion for that idea and they can put the power of the community to work.

Innovator points are awarded for activity such as submitting innovations, commenting on others’ innovations, voting, receiving votes and submitting stories into the Innovation Warehouse. As users accrue points, they attain a higher innovator status as an indicator of their activity in the community and their entrepreneurial insights.

Organisations who are part of the WMAHSN’s enhanced membership scheme get access to even more features and benefits of Meridian. For more information, read the guide to getting started with Meridian, or take a look at the handy Meridian flyer.

Programme Outcomes

  • The exchange was launched in early 2016 and can be accessed here. It now has 523 registered users, 137 innovations and 14 stories
  • In November 2016, the Innovation and Adoption Service - including Meridian - gained silver accreditation following independent validation from ideasUK, which works with organisations worldwide to promote employee suggestion schemes to harness the power of innovative ideas. The ideasUK accreditation is an external assessment which focuses on key areas, including finance and regulation, programme rules and process, organisation, communication and publicity, rewards and recognition, performance, continuous improvement and development, training and management information
  • Commemorating the first birthday of Meridian, the first Meridian LIVE event will be held on 15 February 2017. Meridian LIVE will enable us to share and showcase the activities and value offered by the service and offer delegates the chance to network with potential partners and to explore the latest innovations and advances within the region, as well as learning about the latest developments in WMAHSN priorities and support and funding mechanisms. Exhibitions are open only to Meridian users and invited partner organisations and there will be tailored sessions around procurement, commissioning and working with the healthcare sector. During the event, we will be collecting feedback and testimonials from Meridian users which will be used to promote and demonstrate the value of the Meridian Innovation and Adoption Service
  • We plan to create a network of regional healthcare Innovation and Adoption Fellows in order to build lasting connections between entrepreneurs, decision makers, researchers, clinicians, managers and other healthcare professionals to support knowledge exchange and strengthen capability around innovation and adoption within the region. Each fellow will have the opportunity to work with the Meridian innovation and adoption service to identify the questions they face in their own environment about innovation and adoption and upskill on key areas relating to innovation and adoption.
  • We have held our first two Meridian training sessions and received positive feedback. This training will now be offered to all enhanced members and partner organisation to help them get the most from Meridian. This training also includes a full implementation pack for use locally
  • A continued programme of demonstrations and introductions are currently being provided to member organisations and interested parties to discuss localised use of Meridian
  • Our first business development skills workshop has taken place, offered to enhanced members who had innovation projects that have a potential commercial element. The workshop received positive feedback and each project will be followed up and supported further by the Meridian Innovation and Adoption Service. Once ready, these will be uploaded onto the Meridian Warehouse. 


Programme Lead

Lucy Chatwin
t: 0121 371 8061