Industry innovation gateway

Innovation and adoption

Partner Organisations

  • Medilink West Midlands


  • Innovation and adoption

Date Initiated

31 March 2014

Project Status

Regional rollout

The Industry Innovation Gateway, delivered by Medilink West Midlands, acts as a single entry point for all commercial and industrial enquires and offers an integrated service to the regional spokes, the themes and clinical priorities in order to manage demand and maintain quality in the interactions. 

In the longer term, the gateway seeks to work with clinicians and academics on an innovation “pull” model which could work with industry to translate the national clinical outcomes framework, regional health priorities and the high impact innovation areas, into technological and service innovation challenges.

Programme Outcomes

In 2014/15, WMAHSN’s industry innovation gateway:

  • Supported 70 industry enquiries predominantly looking to achieve adoption of technology and demonstration of benefits.
  • Developed assistance towards clinical trials and fundraising.
  • Developed an evidence base for an innovation or engaging with the NHS on joint development of a beneficial tool or service.
  • Managed enquiries from companies based in the United States, Sweden, Portugal and Italy and provided them with regional and health sector knowledge to allow them to position their businesses more effectively in the UK health market.
  • Successfully promoted, organised and facilitated regional events with over 550 attendees across the WMAHSN’s enabling themes and clinical priorities. 
  • Supported the promotion of the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) on a national basis..

Programme Lead

Tony Davis
t: 0121 371 8061