Formulary Management Leadership

Innovation and adoption

Partner Organisations

  • University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • NHS England Area Team


  • Digital health

Date Initiated

31 March 2014

Project Status

In Progress

The Formulary Management Leadership programme has mapped information on the medicines management infrastructure across the West Midlands to appreciate current capabilities, with a dashboard for each committee showing this documentation established. Such sharing of documentation and website designs has initiated discussions about current practice and the need for review of committee performance.

To establish a scheme for mentorship, training and leadership development for officers of Drugs and Therapeutics Committees/Area Prescribing Committees (DTC/APC) within the healthcare economy of the West Midlands. 

Programme Outcomes

  • Mapping of the information about the medicines management infrastructure across the West Midlands to appreciate current capabilities
  • A dashboard for each committee showing current available documentation including:  
  • Terms of reference for each APC
  • Description of accountability of the APC within their organisations 
  • An overarching policy on LDM for medicines published on the website (SoS direction)
  • Links to formulary websites 
  • An ethical framework for decision making
  • Training frameworks
  • Decision checklists/scorecards in place
  • Assessment of delivery of NHS constitution criteria following analysis of on-line information including an analysis of the Innovation scorecard and the Medicines Optimisation dashboard to benchmark adoption rates of new technologies by West Midlands commissioning organisations. 
  • Identification of areas of good practice. 


Programme Lead

Dr Jamie Coleman
t: 0121 371 8061