Virtual workshops and events launched to help those who have suffered with COVID-19

Posted on 23 July 2020 (Permalink)

To help provide support and education around the on-going effects of COVID-19, West Midlands Academic Science Network (WMAHSN) is collaborating with Circle Health Rehabilitation and BMI Healthcare to deliver the Future of Rehabilitation series.

Following reports that many of those who have suffered with COVID-19 are likely to have significant on-going health problems, WMAHSN, Circle Health Rehabilitation and BMI Healthcare have worked together to develop the sessions for healthcare professionals and anyone that will be supporting effective rehabilitation in a post-COVID-19 world.

Tony Davis, Director for Innovation & Economic Growth, WMAHSN, Series lead said: “We are proud that the West Midlands region is at the forefront of this activity and look forward to being able to provide essential help and support for those in need through our workshops.”

Breathing difficulties, enduring tiredness, reduced muscle function, impaired ability to perform vital everyday tasks and mental health problems are some of the on-going health problems that those who have suffered with COVID-19 could be facing.

The first event (29 July) will see both clinical and patient speakers address the emerging rehabilitation needs around COVID-19, with presentations covering diagnosis, treatment and the ongoing health problems that can emerge months later as a result of the virus.

A second virtual event (31 July) will follow, addressing everything from wellbeing and lifestyle rehab and elderly rehabilitation to data and predictive analytics. Smaller workshops will also be held, giving attendees the opportunity to discuss how the West Midlands region can lead the way in improving the future of rehabilitation services.

Further community-centric events will be held to share information and a strategy for moving forward.

To register at the event on the 29th July which is open to all, please visit:,0,0,0,0