WMAHSN's Innovation and Adoption Programme Manager mulls over all things Meridian

Posted on 12 May 2017 (Permalink)

Tammy Holmes, Innovation and Adoption Programme Manager for the WMAHSN, has talked to leading  crowdscourcing software developers Qmarkets in an online blog about the changes in England's healthcare industry, the challenges in implementing innovation in the NHS and how Meridian has helped the WMAHSN effectively manage and implement evidence-based innovations to improve health and create wealth.

In partnership with Qmarkets, the WMAHSN developed Meridian, an online health innovation exchange which focuses on the accelerated adoption of innovation in a wide variety of areas, from digital health and wealth creation to clinical trials and mental health. 

In the blog, Tammy discusses the impetus behind commissioning Meridian, and how the platform is helping to bring NHS organisations together with collaborators from the private sector and academia to identify specific healthcare challenges and find suitable solutions.

One year since its launch, Meridian is already reaping rewards, with 24 innovations approved - 13 of which have been implemented - 623 active users and increasing levels of engagement and interaction.

Tammy said: "In this day and age in which we are living longer, the NHS is under a lot of pressure to build healthier regions, and in turn boost our national economy. To be able to stand up to those pressures, we need to engage people across a large area and this system gives us the opportunity to collaborate on a larger scale than would be possible through any other channel. We are giving people a place where they can share their ideas and effect change."

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