RSPH Blog: West Midlands seeks to mainstream public health

Posted on 18 August 2020 (Permalink)

David Kidney, Chief Executive of the UK Public Health Register and Executive Chair of the proposed West Midlands Health Technologies Cluster and Lisa McNally, Director of Public Health, Sandwell, have written a blog for RSPH, outlining the investment and opportunities for innovative public health services and practices across the West Midlands.

Read an excerpt from the blog below and view the full article on the RSPH website

Since the outset of the first industrial revolution, the West Midlands has built a track record of 'can do' inventiveness and innovation. It’s what powers us to bounce back from adversity. Our region’s people are resilient and accustomed to working in ways we now call 'agile'.

There is a determination to rebuild from this pandemic. As a mark of our ambition, the West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street, has put forward a £3bn package of urgent investment for the Government’s consideration. It proposes immediate action on everything from active travel to community health and wellbeing via 5G connectivity.

While big investments in active travel infrastructure and fuel poverty retrofit insulation of homes will undoubtedly have public health impacts, we are especially interested in the proposed Radical Health Prevention Fund. Here are plans for a £23 million investment in community-based health promotion and prevention of ill-health and community-based diagnostic centres. The intention behind these investments is to kick-start an upgrade in prevention work, with a focus on reaching at-risk groups in our society...

Read the full blog here.