WMAHSN 2019/20 Impact Report published

Posted on 4 August 2020 (Permalink)

Looking back on a year that feels a long time ago, we have published our 2019/20 impact report. The report reflects on the work of the WMAHSN and how we have adapted much of our innovation work now to support the on-going impact of COVID-19 on the region.

Our focus is to encourage collaboration and improvement between academia, industry, health, and care providers, commissioners and citizens, to generate continuous improvement in the health and wealth of the West Midlands.

Over the last year, the WMAHSN has delivered local and national projects for NHS England, NHS Improvement and The Office for Life Sciences, focusing on a set of key objectives, including:

  • To increase capacity and capability in the region to adopt innovation
  • To provide an innovation and adoption process that matches viable solutions to defined challenges
  • To establish focused collaborative partnerships that implement identified solutions to achieve measurable impact
  • To drive adoption through improved understanding between industry, academia, health and the patient and citizens
  • To create the necessary environment and conditions for sustainable economic growth for the health economy.

This report summaries the crucial work we have done over the last year, showcases some of our most impressive and effective projects and demonstrates how we have delivered against these objectives.

It is clear that the WMAHSN has had great impact on our region to date, but this isn’t something we can stop pushing for. We intend to continue to encourage the West Midlands to embrace innovation and support it in adopting these innovations at scale and pace, the end of this report addresses how we intend to strive for this over the next year.

Thank you to our partners and everyone who has played a role in inspiring this change in the West Midlands over the course of this year.

2020/21 will undoubtedly bring increased challenges, regionally, locally, nationally and globally, we will continue to support our partners however we can building on our work to date.


View the impact report here.