Carers manual presented at deterioration workshop

Posted on 20 March 2019 (Permalink)

A carers manual designed to help care home staff recognise early signs of deterioration in care home residents, has been launched at a deterioration workshop held at Bescot Stadium, Walsall this month.  

The new SPACE (Safer Provision and Caring Excellence) carers manual was distributed at the second of four deterioration workshops held in the region supported by the West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative, Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group and Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group.

The pocket manual, developed as part of the SPACE two-year care home project, has been designed to enable staff to look out for signs of deterioration in residents to then be escalated early and managed in a timely manner to prevent further deterioration.

Speaking about the manual and reflecting on the second workshop, Caroline Maries-Tillott, Quality Improvement Lead at the West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative, said: “Care home staff are under considerable pressure and care home residents are typically frail with complex health problems. This simple guide is designed to support care staff in their day to day activities, to help them support their vulnerable residents.

“There was an eclectic mix of staff from Walsall and Wolverhampton Boroughs including residential and nursing home staff, community and local authority teams that attended the workshop. The agenda proved to be highly relevant and again the day evaluated extremely positively.

“There was also considerable interest in the carers manual from social care providers and Healthwatch who attended the workshop.”