Birmingham entrepreneur launches fitness and wellness DNA test

Posted on 22 November 2018 (Permalink)

Birmingham entrepreneur Abdullah Sabyah has launched a fitness DNA test designed to help people achieve peak fitness.  Having received backing and funding from the NHS, the test combines genetic and lifestyle profiles to create a personalised fitness and nutrition programme tailored to the individual.

WMAHSN has worked together with Abdullah's company, Rightangled since it's inception just under two years ago and are currently exploring opportunities to expand into overseas markets. 

Founder of Rightangled, Abdullah Sabyah, initially launched a heart DNA test in 2017 after researching to see whether people are predisposed to heart conditions when his business partner’s mother suffered five strokes. 

Rightangled’s new test helps you to understand how to maximise muscle growth, shed excess body fat, manage blood sugar levels, identify food intolerances and much more. 

The £149 kit, developed in consultation with genetic consultants from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, contains a saliva swab DNA test and there is a lifestyle questionnaire to complete online.  The results of both tests are combined and analysed by experts to produce a tailor made 8 week action plan including workouts and a nutrition programme.

The test assesses each individual based on four key areas – diet and nutrition, exercise response, body and weight management and eating behaviour – and can advise you on intolerances, alcohol response, diet metabolisms, blood pressure and cholesterol response, muscle power and endurance, proinsulin to insulin conversion, sugar sensitivity and post workout responses.

Fitness DNA can be taken as a standalone test - or the Wellness Pro test combines Fitness DNA with the company’s flagship product, the Heart DNA test.  The combined option costs £249 but will also identify DNA glitches which could impact on your heart health, response from cardiac medications, lipids metabolism and the genetic risk of developing blood clots.

According to Abdullah, “Our initial aim was to unlock the potential for genomics to take its place in the medical practice.  However genetic information alone doesn’t give the complete picture.  We combine genetics with information about the individual’s lifestyle and environment to give us their physical characteristics (phenotype).  The success of the Heart DNA test, which is now accredited by a leading private medical insurance company and stocked in clinics and pharmacies across the UK, gave us the confidence to unlock the fitness and nutrition market.  As well as selling our Fitness DNA test direct to customers, we will also be working with personal trainers and nutritionists to help them give actionable plans to their clients.  We now have our eyes on the US market and will be opening our first office in Texas later this month”

Rightangled’s Fitness DNA test is available now from