Nursing home achieves national recognition for excellent end of life care

Posted on 15 October 2018 (Permalink)

A Walsall care home has been awarded ‘Gold Standards Framework Platinum Status’ at a national conference for providing excellent end of life care for patients.

The Arboretum Nursing Home were presented with the award at the National Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Conference held in London on 28 September 2018. The home is the only nursing home in the Midlands to be accredited with GSF and nationally is one of just 13 care homes to be reaccredited for a fourth time and awarded Platinum status.

GSF is an end of life pathway focused on expertise to deliver end of life care. Arboretum Nursing Home was awarded Beacon home status in 2005 but due to significant improvements in the delivery of care and environmental changes, the home has been awarded Platinum status.

Arboretum Nursing Home is part of the West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative’s SPACE (Safer Provision and Caring Excellence) programme which is a two-year Quality Improvement programme focusing on improving safety in care homes in Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Reflecting on the achievement, John Luke, Care Home Manager at Arboretum Nursing Home, said: “Everyone at the nursing home have put in a lot of hard work into achieving Platinum status. Knowing we have achieved this has given the staff a lot of satisfaction and it has been a huge boost for team morale.

“Going forwards the aim is to increase the size of the home and increase the number of beds for palliative care. I’m really proud of everyone at the nursing home and we are all excited to go onto target becoming Home of the Year at the next conference.”

Caroline Maries-Tillott, Quality Improvement Lead at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “Arboretum Nursing Home staff are committed to Quality Improvement (QI) across all aspects of care for residents and not just end of life care. They have really committed to the QI approach promoted by the SPACE initiative. This is a really positive outcome for future sustainability of the SPACE programme.”

Sue Crabtree, Head of Palliative and End of Life Care at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, has been working alongside Arboretum Nursing Home delivering end of life care and added: “The Arboretum Nursing Home team are caring, responsive and flexible to the needs of their patients and equally share the passion for looking after patients.   

“Having worked closely with the Management Team and staff at Arboretum, they have continuously met all of the challenges and are always willing to develop, practice and ensure they are developing their knowledge, skill and competency.”