Nursing SCRIPT helps Worcester trust deliver mandatory medicines management training

Posted on 24 May 2018 (Permalink)

The Nursing SCRIPT eLearning programme has helped one trust deliver their mandatory training more efficiently. Nursing SCRIPT was commissioned by the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) and provides 18 modules relating to managing and optimising the use of medicines. The programme is freely available to all NHS nurses in the West Midlands.

Worcester Health and Care NHS Trust, a large community and mental health trust, is the first to mandate modules for all nursing staff. Staff will be completing three modules on a three-year rolling programme, meaning one module is completed per year.

Since implementing the training in April 2017, the trust has seen a 92% completion rate for the first module. Managers monitor adherence using two-weekly reports generated through SCRIPT’s dedicated management website.

According to the trust’s Chief Pharmacist, John Morrison, Nursing SCRIPT has “almost certainly” had a positive impact on patient safety. He explains how the trust chose which modules to mandate:

“Once we had established that SCRIPT was a possible option then I set up a focus group to look at it. This consisted of a number of different nurses, of different grades, from different parts of the trust. We then met to discuss and a recommendation was made to the Medicines Management and Safety Committee on which modules to mandate. We chose three based on a three-year rolling programme and allowed the Director of Nursing the final say on the order. By doing it this way we felt we had greatest buy-in across the trust.”

Nursing SCRIPT offers 18 modules covering the principles of medicines management, managing risks related to medication use, and specific therapeutic topics, including anticoagulation, infection and pain management. Each module takes around one hour to complete and nurses can download a certificate as evidence of completion.  

The programme was commissioned by the WM-AHSN as part of their drug safety theme. It is based on the successful SCRIPT eLearning programme for Foundation Doctors and was developed by the University of Birmingham and OCB Media Ltd, in collaboration with Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust and Health Education England. The learning supports the World Health Organization’s recent Global Patient Safety Challenge Medication Without Harm, which aims to halve severe avoidable medication-related harm globally in the next five years.

The SCRIPT team can provide dedicated support to West Midlands trusts interested in implementing the free learning in their organisation. To find out more about SCRIPT, visit or contact the team at