Genomic Education Programme resources to support drawing genetic family trees

Posted on 8 January 2018 (Permalink)

The Genomics Education Programme has published a new collection of educational resources, aimed at health professionals wanting to learn how to take and draw a genetic family tree. They can be used both as teaching tools or for self-study.

The collection comprises six films, based on three patient scenarios. For each scenario, there is a 'conversation' film and a 'drawing' film.

The first set of films show the conversation between the health professional and the patient in order to take a family history, and has been developed for learners to watch and draw their own pedigree as the cdrawing gonversation takes place. They can then compare their own drawing with the health professional's version at the end of the film. 

The second film focuses on the pedigree drawing itself, and allows the learner to see the different lines and symbols that are used to build each patient's genetic family history.

You can find the films on the Genomics Education Programme's Youtube Channel. The films can be used in conjunction with other family history resources available on their website.  

If you would like any other information on upcoming tools, courses and resources, please contact Charlotte Murray, Engagement Officer, on or  0121 695 2410.