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Posted on 10 November 2017 (Permalink)


There’s a wealth of inspiring learning and best practice in leadership development and related fields across our community. Health Education England West Midlands (HEE WM) Leadership Academy’s ‘Leadership Edge’ is designed to begin collating and sharing this. The team believe that by showcasing your great learning, it will inspire others to benefit from your experience and knowledge and prevent ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Leadership Edge is written by you as our local community, focused on current leadership issues, representing real case studies and your experience. Leadership Edge inspires through sharing your substantial learning, local solutions and provides access to the very best practice in West Midlands' leadership and related agendas.

Leadership Edge offers a space to flexibly showcase case studies and articles outlining your work, and is now looking for an exciting mix of innovative evaluated projects, research studies through to your expert thought leadership from across the West Midlands health and social care community. Showcasing your work will:

  • Inspire and stimulate the imagination of those reading it
  • Inclusively demonstrate an approach to solving common current challenges
  • Integrate interests, organisational goals and system-wide priorities to learn from each other
  • Innovatively illustrate new ways of tackling familiar challenges.

Your case studies and articles will then be available to all stakeholders through the HHEE WM Leadership Academy learning portal and easily downloadable, so that you can share these learning articles with colleagues.

Supported by periodic journal style publications, conferences and best practice award events, Leadership Edge is aimed at sustaining and spreading the very best of practice and engaging the local health and social care community in debate about issues that we all face.

The benefits of being part of the Leadership Edge include: 

  • Profile your leadership best practice examples, expert thought leadership or research findings to raise both your personal profile and organisational reputation
  • Have the opportunity to get your work published on the leadership hub, Leadership Edge Journal and/or present at conferences
  • Join a community of practice, find local contacts who are already exploring your area of interest and learn from their wisdom
  • Explore problems that affect you, your organisation and service users.

What’s great in your organisation at present? What inspiring in-house initiatives do you have that others can learn from? Have you undertaken any evaluation or research activities? Have you completed a formal learning programme with an academic or research piece and have expertise to share? Have you naturally developed expertise in an area and wish to share your through leadership in the form of a blog or thought article? Do you know others who could contribute? All of this is relevant to Leadership Edge!

To be part of Leadership Edge, you need to:

  • Step 1: Let the team know you’re interested in contributing, what about and help them to support you in shaping your potential contribution by emailing
  • Step 2: Review the application pack and complete the formal application form (found online here) and return it to by 19 January 2018
  • Step 3: The team will peer review applications and advise on next steps (e.g. publish online or in the journal).

For more information, please contact Adam Turner, Kim Hope Sales or  Beverley Dawson on