WMAHSN scheme rebranded and expanded for premium members

Posted on 20 October 2017 (Permalink)

The WMAHSN’s enhanced membership scheme has been rebranded as premium membership, with a host of extra features and benefits for NHS and academic organisations who join the scheme.

The premium membership incorporates all of the elements of the standard membership scheme plus an array of premium services, including the Premium Innovation and Adoption Service, the Premium Digital Health and Data Service and the Premium Personalised Medicine (Genomics) Service.

It also offers enhanced access to the Meridian online health innovation exchange, with additional features and tools, and the Innovation Pathway hosted on Meridian.

Membership of the MidTECH NHS Innovation Hub, worth £5,000 per year, is also included for NHS organisations, while annual subscriptions to Nursing SCRIPT and the OrthOracle Surgical Atlas are available for qualified practitioners in the NHS and those in training at academic organisations alike.

As well as additional benefits, premium membership enables access to tools, practical support methodologies to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies and service approaches, delivering improved healthcare outcomes and economic growth.  At present, premium membership is only available to NHS organisations and academic institutions within the West Midlands region.

To read more about the benefits of WMAHSN membership and how to access the services, networks, tools and subscriptions, go to the WMAHSN website