"Meet Mo" video encourages patients to book a medicines review with their local pharmacist

Posted on 20 October 2017 (Permalink)

Wessex AHSN has produced the "Meet Mo" video to encourage patients – who take several types of medicine – to book a review with their local pharmacist.

This is because, over time, people who take many different types of medicines for different reasons can find their treatments sometimes do not work well together.

A medicines review can help prevent trips to the GP or even hospital, and most importantly, help people feel better. A local pharmacist is a good place to have this conversation. So the benefits of a medicines review can help everyone: less pressure on GPs and hospital services, fewer medicines prescribed and, overall, patients feel better and are better able to manage their health.

Watch the video below to learn more. 

To find out more about medicines optimisation in the West Midlands, contact Lucy Chatwin, Business Manager at WMAHSN, on lucy.chatwin@wmahsn.org, 0121 371 8061 or 07801 052143, or Diptyka Hart, West Midlands Regional Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, on diptyka.hart@wmahsn.org or 0121 371 8061.