Have your say on mental health screening in Community Mental Health Teams by completing short survey

Posted on 12 October 2017 (Permalink)

As part of a new development contract from SBRI Healthcare - which is supported by AHSNs - Saccade Diagnostics Ltd is seeking the views of Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) on the use of SaccScan, a novel eye movement test. 

SaccScann is being developed by Saccade Diagnostics, a spin out of the University of Aberdeen, as an assistive tool to aid CMHTs with screening and referral of mental health patients to specialists.

This short survey will take approximately five - 10 minutes to complete. The questions can be completed by CMHT staff and any data supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The information provided to Saccade Diagnostics and SBRI Healthcare will be vital in the development of the SaccScan test. In return, staff will be reimbursed with £10 for the time taken to complete the short survey. You can choose to either receive the amount in the form of a cheque, a supermarket gift voucher or ask for it to be donated to charity. Please ensure you leave your contact details at the end of the survey to arrange payment.

By taking part in the survey, there will be benefits for your CMHT:

  • You could be gaining new insights into caseload management of mental health patients between primary and secondary care services
  • You could be making a meaningful contribution towards advancing mental health
  • You could benefit from a discount when SaccScan is launched for clinical use in return for your involvement in the development of the test.

Please follow the survey link and enter the password saccscan to start the survey. You may have to forward this email to your personal inbox to complete the survey from home if you cannot open an external web link from your computer at work.

At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you would be interested in completing an extended version of this questionnaire (30 – 45 minutes). In return, you will be reimbursed £100 for your time, with the same payment options as above. You will also be asked if you could arrange a short demonstration of the SaccScan test to staff in your CMHT. This is important to gather information on the practicality of deploying such a test in the community. 

The survey closes on 23 October. If you would like further details about the survey, please contact Madhu Nair, CEO of Saccade Diagnostics, on 07738 442134, or email madhu@saccade-diagnostics.com.