SBRI Healthcare launches annual review at NHS Expo

Posted on 13 September 2017 (Permalink)

SBRI Healthcare launched its annual review 2016/17 at NHS Expo this week. The review sets out how the programme has helped to bring new technology to the NHS and addressed some of the big healthcare challenges we are facing.

In 2016/17, SBRI Healthcare supported eight new clinically-led competitions and awarded £10.9m to develop new technologies. SBRI is supporting the development of some exciting innovations, including:

  • 3D printed prosthetic limb developers, Open Bionics, which is providing functional and more comfortable prosthetics for children more quickly.
  • Applied Nanodetectors, which measure biomarkers in a patient's breath to immediately distinguish a viral from bacterial respiratory tract infection, is allowing GPs to prescribe antibiotics quickly and appropriately
  • A cancer breathalyser, created by Owlstone Medical, which can detect early signs of lung cancer. The technology is attracting interest from around the world, with the company leveraging $23.5m external investment over the last year. 

Participating companies in the programme have secured £140m of additional investment through grants and venture capital since 2012, bringing leverage to the development of solutions, and the initiative has supported economic growth with the creation or safeguarding of 788 jobs, worth £47.2m to the UK economy.

In addition, SBRI Healthcare has had 382 finalised agreements with UK and foreign companies, with more in the pipeline, and 135 patents, copyrights, trademarks and scientific publications have been applied for or awarded.

Karen Livingstone, National Director of SBRI Healthcare and Director of Partnerships and Industry Engagement at Eastern AHSN, said: "As a programme, we have been delighted to see some of our companies achieve real commercial growth this year.  We know that investment from SBRI Healthcare is critical to the success of our companies, and in certain instances the determining factor in their survival – but we also know that in order to get their products through clinical trials and out changing patient care, investment from the private sector is vital.

"Going forward, our work with the AHSN Network is focused on supporting the uptake of more SBRI backed innovations, enabling them to be embedded into everyday practice.

"We are also excited about our recent call out to industry to help us take a step forward in the fight against cancer. We will be looking closely at screening, plus how we can deliver earlier and faster diagnosis. We are also planning to focus in on mental health with the aim of finding the most innovative solutions to the growing challenges in this area. In addition, our team will be running a ground breaking new project on ‘frugal surgery’, where we are seeking solutions that offer the same or improved quality standards for less."