Birmingham's Life Science City initiative launches new video featuring WMAHSN

Posted on 11 September 2017 (Permalink)

Life Science City - an initiative from Business Birmingham - is heralding the unique opportunities, facilities and expertise of Birmingham with a new video. 

Located in the centre of the UK, the Greater Birmingham region's biomedical and medtech community has been dubbed the rising star in worldwide life science destinations. Perfect for expanding companies in the life sciences industry, the region combines extensive research and development facilities and strong collaboration between the NHS, academia and business, as well as one of Europe’s largest, most diverse and non-transient patient populations.

With state-of-the-art clinical facilities, population scale and diversity and pioneering partnerships between academics and clinicians, Greater Birmingham is at the cutting edge of medical technology and global healthcare. Among the features which give Birmingham the edge over its UK rivals are: 

  • The large, ethnically diverse, non-transient, regional population of nearly six million, offering the perfect landscape for delivering clinical trials
  • The Institute of Translational Medicine, a world-class clinical research facility in Birmingham. It serves as an engine to translate laboratory discovery into improved and increasingly personalised patient care, with bioinformatics and precision medicine at its core
  • An internationally recognised clinical academic community, including  The University of Birmingham's medical school, the second largest  in the country
  • One of largest clinical trials’ portfolios in Europe, immediate access to both state-of-the-art facilities for experimental medicine and world-leading academic expertise
  • Ready access to life sciences infrastructure through acute trusts including University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, containing one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe
  • 600 medical technology companies, more than any other UK region
  • Globally, one of the few centres equipped to deliver the full circle of translational medicine
  • A high quality IT infrastructure is in place to support life sciences activity
  • Birmingham Health Partners, a pioneering alliance between academics and clinicians, that aims to translate laboratory discoveries into clinical practice at a pace, scale and efficiency which is unrivalled in the UK
  • Home of the largest NIHR Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility in the UK, which provides high-quality clinical environments where patients can take part in experimental and complex clinical research studies, a national Biomedical Research Unit in Liver Disease, a centre for Rare Diseases, the largest specialist Cancer Trials Unit in the UK and a national centre for Trauma Research
  • A new £353 million Midland Metropolitan Hospital in Greater Birmingham, which will deliver a medical and economic boost to the region and will serve a population of more than half a million when it opens in 2019.

To celebrate the area's successes and advantages, Life Science City has launched a video, which features Tony David, WMAHSN's Commercial Director. In it, Tony talks of how Birmingham's clinical community is receptive to economic growth and new ideas, with commissioners and providers alike switched on to investing in new technologies and innovations and working with companies. 

Others featured in the video include Mark Lee, Chief Executive of the city's Calthorpe Estates; Professor Subrata Ghosh, Director of the Institute of Translational Medicine; Tim Jones, Executive Director of Delivery at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust; and Professor David Adams, Head of College of Medical and Dental Sciences and Dean of Medicine at the University of Birmingham. 

To watch the video and read more about Life Science City's partners - including WMAHSN - go to the website