Move it or Lose it scoops quality improvement prize for work with long term conditions

Posted on 4 September 2017 (Permalink)

A local company which has demonstrated the benefits of getting people to take more exercise has won an award from WMAHSN's Long Term Conditions (LTC) Network. 

The network is looking to set up a database with as many quality improvement initiatives in LTCs in any healthcare setting in the West Midlands as possible, so these can be shared with others to allow them to learn from others' achievements.  As well as directing others about how they might mirror their quality improvement or adopt their work, the network offered a prize to one team with outstanding success, worth £500 of resources to assist with the dissemination of the project.

Following judging by an expert panel, Move it or Lose it was named as the winning initiative. Move it or Lose it, who is partnered with University of Birmingham’s Centre for Healthy Ageing Research, delivers its evidence-based exercise programme in GP surgeries and motivates patients to become more active and better manage their long term health conditions. It has been particularly effective with COPD patients, especially those who would typically avoid exercise. 

Following a successful pilot, the company is now helping patients with COPD across 47 GP practices in the Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group area.
Evaluations show outstanding biopsychosocial improvements after the twelve-week intervention, along with behaviour change and a reduction in medication needs. With adherence running at an average of 83% this offers a cost-effective and popular alternative to pulmonary rehabilitation which averages 50% adherence.

Dr Ruth Chambers, Long Term Conditions Lead for WMAHSN, said: "The judges were very impressed by the design of the programme, its delivery and the attainment of such positive outcomes and comments from participating patients."

Julie Robinson, CEO of Move it or Lose it, said: "Winning the prize was a wonderful surprise. The team is absolutely thrilled to get this recognition and award, thank you."

You can read more about why Move it or Lose it won the award on Meridian. With a network of specialist instructors, Move it or Lose it offers a simple and effective solution to get patients moving more and living healthier, happier lives. Contact to see the full evaluation reports or call 0800 612 7785 for more information.