Serendip tenant launches crowdfunding campaign to bring mental health awareness workshops to schoolkids

Posted on 30 August 2017 (Permalink)

One of WMAHSN's Serendip Digital Health Quarter tenants is launching a crowdfunding campaign today (30 August) to raise cash to help schoolchildren become more aware of mental health. 

Altruist Enterprises is looking to muster £10,000 over the next 30 days via Crowdfunder.  

If successful in raising the full amount before the 30 days are up, Altruist UK will use the money to deliver three one-hour mental health awareness workshops to 20 schools in Birmingham, delivering 60 workshops in total.

Katie Buckingham, founder of Altruist, said: “Altruist have been successfully delivering mental health awareness workshops to schools for four years and over this time, have seen an increase in demand for these sessions within Birmingham. We will engage with ten primary and ten secondary schools, and will support a minimum of 1600 pupils as part of this project.

"Poor mental health is costing the West Midlands region more than £12 billion per year, which has led to mental health becoming a priority for the region. One in 10 young people will experience a mental illness, yet mental health awareness is not compulsory in schools and very few teach it. We aim to fill this gap and give young people the knowledge to support themselves and their friends".

Those that pledge, regardless of value, will all receive a personal tweet, thanking them for their contribution. For those that give a little more, Altruist is offering great rewards such as free t-shirts, mindfulness audios and courses, and a special mention in Altruist's next Huffington Post article.

Take a look at Katie's video about the campaign, or make your contribution on Crowdfunder by 11am on 27 September.