Wolverhampton care home uses Safety Crosses to drive improvement

Posted on 30 May 2017 (Permalink)

A Wolverhampton care home is about to embark on the second phase of using Safety Crosses following a successful year in helping to reduce the number of falls.

As part of the SPACE programme, care homes have started to use Safety Crosses on a monthly basis to help record the number of falls and pressure injuries. Supported by the West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative, SPACE is a training programme for care homes in Walsall and Wolverhampton enabling staff to gain an understanding of why safety is important and to give them the skills to make positive changes in their care home. 

Over the last twelve months, falls have reduced by nearly 50 per cent at Orchard House Nursing Care Home, in Penn Fields, and the use of Safety Crosses has played a key part.

Safety Crosses are being added to a monthly colour-coded calendar with each number on the cross representing a day for the month. Boxes coloured in red indicate an incident has occurred and green is for incident-free days. Amber and blue are also being used to denote admission with pressure injuries or multiple falls. 

Ruth Butler, Care Home Manager at Orchard House Nursing Care Home, said: “I’m proud of the team/staff at Orchard House who have played their part in reducing the number of falls in the last year.

“We are now embarking on phase 2 of using safety crosses, which is a resident’s photo board in communal areas with colour coding so that new and existing staff can visually identify risks.

“The changes are in line with staff task allocation, zoning areas and changing how staff are allocated according to dependency.“