CCGs sought as pathfinders to widen digital inclusion in health and social care

Posted on 22 May 2017 (Permalink)

The Good Things Foundation (GTF) has recently been commissioned by NHS Digital to begin a second phase of the national NHS Widening Digital Participation programme.

GTF's goal is to design new ways to help patients get the most out of digital, so that by the end of the programme there is a range of models for digital inclusion which can be adopted and adapted for use in other areas. 

The plan is to support 20 local partnership pathfinders across the country over the next three years, each lasting one year, to design and test new ways to tackle digital exclusion and explore how to best support people who are likely to be the most digitally (and financially/socially) excluded. GTF is targeting areas of high digital and health exclusion, but spreading pathfinders across all four NHS regions and working with Online Centres and CCGs to build partnerships.

It’s incredibly flexible, with a few requirements and digital inclusion and co-design expert support provided for free as part of the package. Each pathfinder will be tailored to match local priorities and enhance the local context. There is also £50,000 for each pathfinder which can be used in whatever way would be most useful. GTF is recruiting pathfinders in different waves starting every six months, from October 2017 - April 2019. 

GTF will:

  • Lead service design sessions
  • Carry out user testing
  • Capture insight
  • Depict the delivery model.

GTF is asking pathfinders to meet two sets of outcomes and core KPIs and identify ways to measure patient outcomes that cover:

  • Increase in access to digital health services and information
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Reduced inappropriate use of health services
  • Improved patient experience and satisfaction. 

But most importantly, GTF wants pathfinders to develop a new model for digital inclusion in health. You can register your interest in becoming a Widening Digital Participation Pathfinder here

Please contact or if you have any further questions.