Meridian innovation Peezy Midstream showcased in Daily Telegraph video

Posted on 18 May 2017 (Permalink)

The Daily Telegraph's Business Reporter has interviewed Giovanna Forte, CEO and Co-Founder of Forte Medical, who in a video discusses the benefits and savings associated with the company's Peezy Midstream urine collection device.

Urine is used for vital diagnosis and treatment, yet of 65 million urine specimens delivered annually to the NHS, up to 73% will be unreliable. In addition, while midstream collection is recommended, there is little to control its collection or storage, and traditional methods of collecting a urine sample are undignified, resulting in patients feeling uncomfortable and clinical areas at risk of infection. The outcomes include high contamination rates, costly retests, repeat appointments and potentially a contribution to the over-prescribing of unnecessary antibiotics due to Chronic Urinary Tract Infection.

Peezy Midstream was conceived by NHS GP and medical author Dr Vincent Forte, of Forte Medical, to address these concerns. It turns a frustrating process into a clean, hygienic experience for patients, and is particularly helpful to pregnant women and the elderly, where accurate diagnoses can be critical. Peezy Midstream improves urine specimen quality to 98.5% accuracy, delivering right-first-time preventative medicine, patient dignity and huge long-term cost savings across the clinical pathways. The company can demonstrate potential national direct savings of around £30m and efficiency savings of over £1.2bn.

For just 87p, Peezy Midstream meets NHS ambitions for rapid diagnostics cited in the NHS Five Year Forward plan; it is on the NHS Supply Chain, meets Public Health England UK Standards for Microbiology Collection of Urine is and available on prescription. Peezy Midstream is one of the innovations on Meridian, our health innovation exchange. WMAHSN supported Giovanna on a recent trade mission to Texas in order to access the US market, and as a result, the company worked with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust on a randomised controlled trial. WMAHSN is continuing to support the company to access the local NHS market. Forte Medical exports to the USA, while evaluations are underway in Australia, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.