BOC Healthcare going digital with Innovation and Technology Tariff option myCOPD

Posted on 9 May 2017 (Permalink)

BOC Healthcare has teamed up with my mhealth Ltd to begin delivering myCOPD within their NHS community-based pulmonary rehabilitation services. This working relationship unlocks the ability of BOC Healthcare to reach more patients through digital self- management and pulmonary rehabilitation, moving into the new hybrid delivery of care, face-to-face and digital services.

myCOPD is a complete self- management solution that enables patients to learn more about their condition, receive expert education, access a home-based pulmonary rehabilitation option, learn how to take their medication correctly and more, any time, any place, any device. myCOPD is one of the specified cost-saving, outcomes-based innovations available to procure via central funding via the new Innovation and Technology Tariff (ITT).

myCOPD was also the only approved app available when the NHS Digital Apps Library unveiled its list of certified mobile health apps on 10 April 2017. 

Ian Thompson, Strategic Director at my mhealth, commented: “It is great news to announce this working relationship with BOC Healthcare. Delivering these new models of care, with conventional providers enables patients to receive high quality healthcare at a time that suits them. Ian added ‘this enables the delivery of rehabilitation at scale, for reduced cost, and at the same time expanding the reach of pulmonary rehabilitation to all patients with COPD."

my mHealth is a leading mobile health company, specialising in the delivery of applications for patients to manage their medical condition, and for clinicians to remotely manage, education and rehabilitate patients at both an individual and population level. My mHealth currently hasapps for diabetes, asthma, COPD and heart failure pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation; with more following soon.

BOC Healthcare is part of Linde Healthcare, a homecare partner trusted by prescribers in more than 40 countries worldwide. It is dedicated to delivering services focused on achieving the best possible patient outcomes in the fields of respiratory and cardiovascular healthcare. BOC provides NHS community-based clinical services, working closely with prescribers, payers and patients to ensure equity of access to healthcare for all.