ideasUK launches Idea of the Year Competition 2017

Posted on 19 April 2017 (Permalink)

For nearly three decades, ideasUK has honoured the best ideas from the public and private sectors, both home and abroad. Over that time, through the Idea of the Year competition, ideasUK has shown how innovation in the workplace can bring wide benefits to employees, customers and organisations.

The Idea of the Year competition provides a great opportunity to recognise the employees who submitted those incredible ideas, raise the profile of the scheme to senior management through external recognition and gives international exposure of your success.

The winning entries will be announced at ideasUK's awards dinner, and the winning entry will also automatically be entered into the Global Idea of the Year competition. The deadline for entries is 31 May, so don't miss out and register today!

For more information or to apply, go to the ideasUK website. If you have any questions, call 07887 640246 or email