The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London open for applications from healthcare and technology start-ups

Posted on 19 April 2017 (Permalink)

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London is an initiative to help companies innovating at the cross-section between health and technology to realise their potential. Pfizer will provide a year of support to late-stage start-ups to grow and reach patients and providers faster. Winners of a competitive grant process will get the specific, tailored support they need to move their ideas forward, including access to knowledge, expertise and understanding of the UK’s complex health network. Pfizer will help them navigate this landscape and provide introductions to those who can help bring their businesses to fruition.

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London is about connectivity, transformation and innovation:

  • Connectivity – Pfizer wants to help late-stage start-ups harness the potential of the digital universe (data, interactivity and constant connection) for the benefit of patients, plugging start-ups into the healthcare system and, ultimately, creating a community of people working to achieve similar goals.
  • Transformation – Pfizer knows that technology has the power and potential to change and improve, making the experience of patients, doctors, nurses and everyone who is touched by the UK’s healthcare system better.
  • Innovation – Pfizer is nurturing and fostering new ideas and new ways of working, combining a culture of original thinking with the systems and expertise offered by Pfizer.

Pfizer has launched a microsite inviting applications from late-stage start-ups; they could be offering devices, apps, wearables or technology around virtual reality or artificial intelligence, but it has to have the capacity to improve patient experiences. On 18 May, ten short-listed start-ups will go to Walton Oaks to pitch to a panel of business and health leaders. Three winners will be announced in June.