Health Foundation offers funding to scale up healthcare improvement

Posted on 4 April 2017 (Permalink)

Do you have a health care intervention or approach that has been proven to deliver better care? Are you ready to deliver your intervention or approach at scale? The Health Foundation is looking for up to seven projects with ideas, healthcare interventions and approaches that have been tested and shown to be successful at a small scale and are ready to make improvements at a larger scale.

Apply now to receive up to £500,000 funding to support the implementation and evaluation of your project. You’ll have access to improvement expertise and tailored coaching support.

Projects must be able to scale improvements at care pathway, health board, clinical network, organisational, regional or national levels. Your project should result in direct benefits on patient outcomes within the lifespan of the programme. To deliver improvement projects of this scale, the Health Foundation expects that a number of organisations will need to work together, and applications should be from a partnership of organisations working together.

Make sure you complete your application by 12 noon on Wednesday 17 May. You can apply here