Serendip Digital Health Quarter tenant Kaido launches first personalised workplace wellness tool

Posted on 13 March 2017 (Permalink)

After many months of development and investment, Serendip Digital Health Quarter tenant Kaido has launched its offering to the corporate wellbeing market. 

Kaido Wellbeing is the first truly personalised workplace wellness solution. Powered by the Kaido Insights Platform, organisations can now provide personalised health guidance and support to all their employees, while using data intelligently to quantify real-time return on investment. 

There are three core components to the offering:

  • Gamification: Kaido Wellbeing engages individuals, teams and businesses in a virtual wellbeing challenge of between 60 and 90days in length. Employees earn points for making positive lifestyle changes and are rewarded with actual and virtual incentives and rewards. There are three challenges a year starting in May, October and January. For May 2017, the challenge is to race the length of the Great Wall of China!
  • Personalisation: in keeping with Kaido's core principles, each and every employee has access to their own intelligent health assistant guiding them on their journey to improved wellbeing. Kaido Wellbeing combines health data, from smartphones, apps and wearable devices with the expertise of Kaido's world leading content team to deliver actionable health insights. 
  • Relationships: the above features are housed in a bespoke (enterprise) community solution which encourages open collaboration, friendly competition and knowledge sharing between employees. 

Kaido Wellbeing is considered the first corporate wellbeing service that uses health data intelligently to give individual health assistance to each and every employee on a personal level. In addition, the service is totally device agnostic, meaning employees are free to use any health monitoring device or application that suits them.

Following feedback from University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, and the extensive timeline involved with creating a relationship with a wearables manufacturer, Kaido has integrated manual physical activity and nutrition input into the platform, meaning employees do not even need to have a device to take part in the initiative. 

The solution is cloud-based but can be deployed locally, promoting participation for organisations which have multiple sites. It is also mobile friendly, meaning the health and wellbeing improvements don’t have to stop when the employee leaves the workplace! Fostering family engagement is something Kaido want to look at moving forward. 

At the enterprise level, the organisation is totally in control of their wellbeing offering, creating and running their own mini challenges, communicating with their workforce and receiving quarterly monitoring reports from a member of the Kaido team to truly understand their return on investment. 

Kaido has an SME (per employee/per challenge) and an Enterprise (12 month licence) offering, with the first wellbeing challenge launching in May 2017. 

This media pack contains all relevant details surrounding the offering. For more information, or to request a demonstration of the product, contact Rich Westman, Managing Director, on 0121 250 5795 or 07825 232719, or email