Life-changing research in the spotlight at annual showcase event

Posted on 8 March 2017 (Permalink)

Life-changing research will be in the spotlight on 19 May at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham’s annual Research Showcase, where an array of research teams from across University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) and the University of Birmingham will exhibit the work that is changing lives and transforming the NHS.

From looking at our genetic make-up and its influence in rare diseases and cancer, to advances in trauma care and reconstructive surgery, as well as novel ways to manage infections, the medical campus hosts a vast array of research that is delivering remarkable breakthroughs in patient care.

The Research Showcase forms part of the National Institute for Health Research’s (NIHR) ‘OK to Ask’ campaign which marks International Clinical Trials Day, and aims to encourage patients and the public to ask about the opportunities for them to make a difference and take part in clinical research.

Promoting, conducting and using clinical research to improve healthcare is one of the key principles of the NHS, and patients should be informed of research studies in which they may be eligible to participate at every opportunity.

Last year, UHB marked the 10th Anniversary of the ‘OK to ask’ campaign by looking at the research we do that helps to give us all healthier lives. It was also an opportunity to thank the millions of those who have already helped to change lives by taking part in clinical research over the past decade.

Joanna Gray, Clinical Manager of the NIHR Clinical Research Facility at QEHB, said: “The Showcase is always a brilliant opportunity to share the often behind the scenes works we do with the public in a fun and accessible way.

“It is always important to let patients, visitors and our colleagues across the site see what we do, and let them know how they can get involved to help progress clinical research.

“Visitors are often fascinated by just the small proportion we can exhibit at the Showcase of the over 1,000 trials and studies we undertake at QEHB and the university.”

This year’s Showcase will again see over 20 intriguing and interactive exhibits and will be open to the public, patients and staff. It will be held on Friday 19 May from 10am - 3pm in the Atrium (Main Entrance) of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. For more information, please email