Serendip® Digital Health Quarter tenant features in digital health broadcast

Posted on 8 February 2017 (Permalink)

One of the Serendip® Digital Health Quarter tenants has taken part in a YouTube broadcast exploring digital health and wearables. 

The broadcast,  hosted by BBC Click’s Kate Russell, featured Rich Westman, founder and Managing Director of Kaido. Kaido was the first tenant of the Digital Health Quarter, an incubator supported by WMAHSN which helps digital health start-ups unlock investment, create their optimal innovation and ultimately bring that innovation to market for patient benefit.

Rich was part of a panel of digital health experts, including Dr Liz Mcfall from Open University, who explored how the convergences surrounding digital disruption and healthcare funding reforms are forging new roles for markets in delivering healthcare. The broadcast also discussed how wearables, digital health, Big Data and the Internet of Things are converging with insurance systems and healthcare policy, drawing on the recent research by Wellcome Trust. 

Rich said: "I was invited by Digital Leaders to be part of a live web broadcast with Kate Russell discussing the potential of wearable technology to revolutionise healthcare. Listening to the broadcast back, I think it provides a really nice overview of Kaido's mission in healthcare, so I would encourage you all to have a listen!" 

You can watch the whole broadcast on YouTube