Join Futurelearn course to explore behind the scenes of Whole Genome Sequencing

Posted on 11 January 2017 (Permalink)

Whole genome sequencing is a relatively new technology that allows us to ‘read’ a person’s or organism’s entire genetic code. But how does it work and what does it mean for all of us?

Health Education England's Genomics Education Programme (GEP) will be running its online course ‘Whole Genome Sequencing: Decoding the Language of Life and Health’, on 23 January. The course explores the ins and outs of whole genome sequencing and features interviews with leading scientists and medics working at the forefront of this new technology.

Led by Dr Anneke Seller, the GEP’s incoming Scientific Director, the course has been developed to give learners an insight into how whole genome sequencing works as well as its varied uses within healthcare – from personalised treatment of cancer to cutting edge ‘walking labs’ tackling Ebola and Zika.

Feedback from those who completed the course when it ran for the first time in September has been very positive, with many recommending it to others:

“A wonderful course - something that every patient and clinician should find time to do.”

“The course has provided me a much better understanding of the possibilities that WGS offers in terms of improving healthcare provision and in particular the ability to offer/provide more targeted treatments to individuals.”

With a recap on the fundamentals of genetics and real life case studies, the course is ideal for non-experts. Please sign up and share here.