Training to support domiciliary care workers to care for people from diverse cultures with dementia

Posted on 4 November 2016 (Permalink)

The Association for Dementia Studies is pleased to announce that their new cultural competence education resource is ready for use. This free education programme, which was developed with the expertise of quality and training and development leads from organisations that provide care for people living with dementia in their own homes, was funded by a grant from the Department of Health.

The resource pack, entitled Home is Where the Heart is: Training for home care supporters for people living with dementia from diverse cultures, includes all of the materials required to provide three 90-minute education sessions, either in a single day or spread sequentially over a number of days or weeks. 

Using a mixture of presentation, video clips, case studies and activities, the programme provides the learner with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to help people with dementia from diverse cultures to live well. 

It is expected that these training resources will be used by training and education or quality leads in domiciliary care organisations and local authorities as part of induction for new staff and continuing education programmes to build confidence in the workforce in cultural competence person-centred dementia care.

For more information and to view and download the resources, please click here.