WMAHSN-supported diabetes leaflet launched at Black Country conference

Posted on 3 November 2016 (Permalink)

A leaflet which outlines the support people with diabetes can receive outside of their GP or hospital, which has been supported by the WMAHSN, will be launched today at a conference in the Black Country. 

The leaflet, Support for people with diabetes, was developed by NHS England's Local Professional Networks, in partnership with WMAHSN. The leaflet outlines the role of community pharmacy, diabetic eye screening and NHS sight tests and dental teams in supporting people with diabetes, and includes a handy checklist for patients.

The prevalence of diabetes in the West Midlands is one of the highest in the United Kingdom - current data indicates there are around 16,000 people with diabetes in Wolverhampton alone. Untreated gum disease for diabetes patients can progress very rapidly, often leading to early tooth loss, and the healing following dental extractions is often very slow. While almost 50% of patients with long term conditions do not take their medicines as prescribed, the figure is even higher for diabetes. Furthermore, most sight-threatening diabetic problems can be managed if treatment is carried out early enough.

Therefore, the Local Dental, Pharmacy and Eye Health Networks were keen to ensure patients with diabetes are better supported in the community, and the WMAHSN supported the design and production of the leaflet. The leaflet will be launched at the Local Professional Networks supporting patients with diabetes conference, held at Wolverhampton's Beacon Centre on 3 November. The leaflet will now be distributed throughout the region.