Texas welcomes UK healthcare innovators

Posted on 21 October 2016 (Permalink)

Hospitals and clinical leaders in Texas have this week been welcoming a group of British healthcare companies and UK hospitals in a bid to explore collaboration opportunities.

Baylor College of Medicine, Harris Country Hospital, Biomed SA and the US Military are just some of the organisations hosting the British visitors, as part of a unique ‘Health and Medtech trade visit’.

The state is hoping to foster new relationships with the United Kingdom’s health service, and bring cutting-edge British medical technologies to clinicians and patients in Texas.

Without having to cross the Atlantic, Texas’ medical centres will be able to learn about UK healthcare innovations and practices and see how Britain’s latest technologies improve patient care.

The UK’s medical technology industry body, the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) have arranged the visit in partnership with the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and leading Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). Tony Davis, Commercial Director at WMAHSN, is part of the delegation.

The UK delegation is excited to know more about the world-class hospitals and medical centres which contain such strength and depth in the health and life sciences sectors and they are keen to collaborate and foster new relationships with Texas. The visit is part of a longer-term programme of engagement.

Speaking about the visit, Baylor College of Medicine’s Stuart Corr, Director of Technology Development, said: “Texas and the UK have a successful and collaborative history, sharing many core values and goals.

“We believe that by building strong relationships with the United Kingdom, whose expertise and reputation in health and life sciences is world class, together we can improve patient outcomes, efficiency, and productivity across both of our health systems. These are essential elements of a successful, happy, and healthy society.

Phillip Kennedy, ABHI’s Chairman, added: “The United Kingdom has incredible depth and breadth of expertise across the life sciences and healthcare industries. Leading British businesses are bringing solutions to healthcare challenges that will transform the way care is provided in the future and have the power to radically improve outcomes for patients.”

From the ground-breaking invention of the hip replacement treatment and the use of ultrasound in modern medicine, to the development of the CT scanner and development of the first multi-articulated prosthetic hand, Britain has a well-deserved international reputation for turning innovative ideas into pioneering medical breakthroughs.

The delegates travelling to Texas also include:

  • Alesi Surgical Limited - have developed Ultravision that manages the surgical plume created by energy-based instruments during laparoscopic surgery
  • Endomag - pioneer in the use of magnetism for minimally invasive surgical guidance
  • Forte Medical - delivers 98.5% accurate urine specimens
  • FutureNova Limited - specialises in Apple medical accessory design
  • Griffiths and Nielson Ltd – the UK market leader in DVT prevention
  • Lumeon Ltd – a leading digital health company
  • Mediplus – an innovator in the areas of anaesthesia, urology, urodynamics, gynaecology and gastroenterology
  • myrecovery - mobile application that improves patient experience and outcomes from elective orthopaedic surgery
  • OBS Medical Limited - develops predictive algorithms for identifying critical instabilities in acute settings
  • Owen Mumford Inc - global manufacturer with over 60 years’ expertise in the development of medical devices
  • Timesco Healthcare Ltd – a manufacturer of medical devices for anaesthesia, surgery, podiatry and primary care.