Have your say on AHSNs with this summer’s stakeholder survey

Posted on 17 August 2016 (Permalink)

Beginning on 17 August, NHS England is conducting an independent stakeholder survey to ascertain the experience of individuals and organisations who are members of, or who have worked with, an Academic Health Science Network (AHSN). This is a key opportunity for stakeholders to feedback on their experience of working with AHSNs.

The information will be used to understand how England’s AHSNs support the individuals and organisations they collaborate with to deliver on their goal to spread healthcare innovation at scale and pace. The results will help us understand how we can improve delivery against our objectives and better serve those with whom we collaborate, as well as understand progress, identify areas for development and earmark areas of good practice that others can learn from.

The survey will be repeated in future years to understand the progress being made.

There are two surveys, one with specific questions about West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) and another exploring AHSNs as a whole. People can take part in either or both surveys. The surveys will take around 10 minutes each to complete, and close on 16 September. 

A set of handy infographics is available for reference, setting out WMAHSN’s successes for 2015/16, the benefits and features of its standard and enhanced membership schemes and the plans and priorities for 2016/17.

The survey is managed independently by YouGov on behalf of NHS England. All work is carried out in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, in compliance with UK data protection legislation.

A poster advertising the survey is available to print and display on the WMAHSN website. If you have any queries about the survey, contact Sarah Millard, Head of Communications and Engagement at WMAHSN, on 0121 371 8058.