Guide to innovative ECG device and app now available

Posted on 22 July 2016 (Permalink)

A guide to an innovative device which measures patients' heart rate and rhythm - and then displays and stores the results via an app - is now available to help practice teams use the device effectively. 

The AliveCor mobile ECG is a portable heart rate and rhythm monitor that is simply held in the patient's hand to obtain an ECG report. The device is easy to use for any healthcare professional and stores the recorded ECGs for future review by a health professional. An accompanying phone or tablet app allows real time visualisation of the ECG recording, as well as storage of previous recordings for later review.

The recorder is held in the hand without the need to expose the patient and takes a single lead ECG recording in 30 seconds. The device is not linked to a designated single phone/tablet and may be transferred between practice staff when needed, and may be lent to patients for home use or monitoring.

Now, general practice teams are able to access the handy guide to AliveCor written by Dr Ruth Chambers OBE, Chair of Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and lead for Long term conditions at WMAHSN, and Dr John Marszal. Ruth has led on piloting AliveCor in practices in Staffordshire in association with her local CCGs and WMAHSN, after the national interest in AliveCor as several AHSNs’ exemplars of adoption of innovation triggered her interest. 

The guide contains information for frontline practitioners in applying the device, and practices and CCGs are encouraged to adopt or adapt the contents for their own organisation’s use.

A video of John carrying out a consultation with the device and involving irregular pulse rate demonstration is available, as well as a video of how to use AliveCor.