Bridging the research-practice gap

Posted on 4 May 2016 (Permalink)

A WMAHSN communications lead has published an article on harnessing communications techniques and technologies to maximise the impact of healthcare research.

‘Bridging the research-practice gap’, authored by Louise Rowan and Dr Alistair Hewison, Senior lecturer and research lead for Nursing at the University of Birmingham, appears in the April edition of the British Journal of Healthcare Management.

Louise is the communications lead for Getting to Hospital at a Single Stroke, a free training initiative designed to help GP receptionists recognise the symptoms of stroke and TIA. The project is supported by WMAHSN.

The British Journal of Healthcare Management article looks at how research messages can be made more accessible by involving a communications professional from an early stage in research projects; it also summarises eight techniques found to be most effective.

Initially developed for NIHR Health Research Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (NIHR CLAHRC) Birmingham & Black Country, the model is now employed on a number of projects based at the University of Birmingham, including ‘Single Stroke’.

“Harnessing the huge potential of new communication technologies, and traditional journalistic instincts, may be the missing link in knowledge transfer,” the authors said.

Read the full article at the British Journal of Healthcare Management website.