US companies seek UK companies to co-design healthcare products

Posted on 3 February 2016 (Permalink)

A range of companies in the USA are looking to tap into the expertise of the UK life sciences sector with a search for private sector partners to co-design a range of innovative healthcare products. 

The opportunities include: 

  • New York-based healthcare company is seeking a partner to co-develop new pipeline of clothing products that improve the patient experience using patented antimicrobial technology that regenerates in the wash: USA – Healthcare design company seeks UK partner to co-develop new products
  • Global consumer healthcare company is seeking collaboration with a qualified CRO with excellent R&D capabilities to develop/formulate and commercialise a film-coated tablet product. The product is based on multi-vitamins and minerals, with one hygroscopic herbal extract formula for food supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) selected global markets: USA – Company seeking partner for nutraceutical development & commercialisation
  • A large, East Coast state’s Department of Health is seeking competitive proposals from an independent evaluator to conduct a multi-method, comprehensive, state-wide independent evaluation in accordance with a recent reform payment programme: USA – Health department seeking proposals for independent evaluation
  • A proprietary technology with computer controlled pressure relieving surface effectively prevents skin breakdown leading to pressure ulcers. The technology is adaptable to wheelchairs, operating room tables, beds and other surface support applications. The company is looking to connect with a UK partner to co-develop and commercialise new products using this technology: USA – Break-through pressure ulcers prevention technology seeking UK partner
  • A proprietary medical device and solution performs complete hand sanitisation in a fully automated three to five second process using extensively proven antimicrobial properties. The company is looking for a UK partner to co-develop the device for prototype and feasibility testing to increase compliance of hand sanitisation in hospital ICUs: USA – Start-up seeks UK partner to co-develop hand sanitization device

For these and other global opportunities, go to the Exporting is Great website