WMAHSN welcomes the New Year with new networks and services

Posted on 30 December 2015 (Permalink)

WMAHSN is welcoming the New Year by launching an array of new networks and services for its members.

The WMAHSN is also launching an enhanced membership scheme that will offer premium services to provide stakeholders with a series of tools and practical support to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies and service approaches, delivering improved healthcare outcomes and economic growth.

All NHS organisations, academic and educational institutions, other public bodies, third sector and industry and life sciences companies within the West Midlands were automatically enrolled as WMAHSN standard members in June 2015, with members gaining access to support and expert advice, a suite of communications, opportunities to attend WMAHSN events and advertising and sponsorship packages.

Among the newly-launched benefits for standard members is access to WMAHSN’s expert networks, based around the organisation’s seven enabling themes. These provide an opportunity for meetings, co-production and collaboration that both feeds and informs healthcare innovation and improvement.

Among the new features is the WMAHSN-developed Meridian online health innovation platform. Meridian has been specifically designed to support the West Midlands' innovation ecosystem, assisting NHS, academic, commercial and industrial stakeholders and supporting a collaborative approach to resolving clinical and service challenges. Industry members will also be able to utilise the Wealth Creation Network, including The Commercial Hub, the Serendip digital health incubator at the iCentrum development, finance such as the WMAHSN’s SME Innovation Fund to support SMEs and encourage innovative start up businesses, and the Industry Gateway, which allows industry members to propose innovative solutions to deliver on priority areas and which may need investment to spread at scale and pace across the region.

On 1 January, WMAHSN is also launching its enhanced membership scheme for NHS and academic organisations should they wish. The enhanced membership scheme offers an array of enhanced features, encompassing the Innovation and Adoption Service, the Digital Innovation Service for Health and the Person-centred Care Service, all offering practical advice and support, a range of readymade tools to support researchers, NHS commissioners and providers, premium access to the Meridian platform, the opportunity to bid for innovation funding, full membership of MidTECH - the technology transfer office for the NHS in the West Midlands - and the medicines optimisation component, which is developing a regional approach to the uptake of NICE recommendations and the adoption of innovative medicines.

Dr Christopher Parker, Managing Director of WMAHSN, said: “This is truly an exciting time for the WMAHSN, and for our members across the West Midlands. We act as catalysts to generate and maintain a healthier region in which there is equitable access to efficient, effective, person-centred care that delivers the best clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction through the faster adoption of innovation. We can only do this in a collaborative environment in which member organisations are mutually supportive and in which the technology-rich West Midlands’ life sciences community is fully integrated and generating additional investment.

“Our new networks and services for our standard members – whether they are from the NHS, the education world, the third sector or industry – will provide an opportunity for this co-production and collaboration, with WMAHSN supplying support and expert advice. In addition, our enhanced membership scheme will allow those organisations that choose to do so to access additional benefits, services and premium access, providing them with a suite of tools and practical support.”