West Midlands specialist trust celebrates a string of successes on an international scale

Posted on 10 December 2015 (Permalink)

A West Midlands specialist acute trust is celebrating a string of successes on an international scale. The achievements of the Royal Orthopaedic Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ROH), based in Northfield, Birmingham, has included winning the best prize for the work of Lee Jeys on a new Birmingham classification for high-grade osteosarcoma, which is attracting a lot of interest.

ROH also succeeded in the best collaboration category, which supports their approach to partnership working.

Jo Chambers, Chief Executive of ROH, said: "We believe that the region would benefit from a more inclusive approach – even if we do not have high volumes, we have high quality that is of international importance in our field, with a ‘made in Birmingham’ tag. It is also of interest in the genomics work and the pioneering diagnostic developments in our MSK pathology lab."

Among the events was the International Society of Limb Salvage and the Musculoskeletal Tumour Society (ISOLS/MSTS) meeting, sharing latest practice and research in the field of musculoskeletal tumours and diseases. Of 400 papers submitted, 140 were accepted and 12 were from ROH – the most from any single organisation. ROH won the best paper prize, as well as best collaborative study and third best scientific paper.


  • Lee Jeys – A novel system for the surgical staging of primary high-grade osteosarcoma: the Birmingham classification – won prize for best paper at ISOLS/MSTS meeting
  • Lee Jeys – Can you improve outcomes of P1+S resections using navigation?
  • Rob Grimer - Validation of Eq-5D in patients treated for extremity sarcoma
  • Rob Grimer – Very long term outcomes following endoprosthetic replacements
  • Rob Grimer – Long term results of cemented, hydroxyapatite coated distal femoral replacements. Has aseptic loosening been abolished and if so, why do they fail?
  • Rob Grimer – Why can’t we all speak the same language? An analysis of the definition and significance of margins in the eurasmos-1 trial
  • Rob Grimer – Silver coated endoprosthesis: short to medium term follow up at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
  • Rob Grimer – The use of denosumab in giant cell tumour of bone: a review of 44 patients
  • Rob Grimer – Ewing sarcoma: only patients with 100% of necrosis after adjuvant chemotherapy should be classified as good responders
  • Michael Parry – What is the significance of a fungating soft tissue sarcoma?
  • Michael Parry – Morbidity, mortality and blood loss associated with pelvic and sacral tumour surgery
  • Simon Carter – Extra-corporeal irradiated bone autografts in reconstruction of diaphyseal tibial defects


  • Michael Parry – Osteosarcoma of the pelvis
  • Michael Parry – Does local recurrence affect for Ewing’s sarcoma?
  • Rob Grimer – How good are surgeons at predicting response to chemotherapy and how did that affect their decision making on surgery? Euramos-1, European osteosarcoma intrergroup patients