Invitation to Apply for a Round 4 NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship

Posted on 7 July 2015 (Permalink)

The NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre (NIHR TCC) is pleased to announce the launch of the fourth annual NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship competition.

Knowledge Mobilisation Research (KMR) Fellowships are designed to support a balance of innovative knowledge mobilisation and research into the processes and impacts of such innovation. Through innovative practice and systematic study of that practice, KMR Fellows should advance knowledge and understanding about research use, its influence and its impact. KMR Fellowships are personal awards that cover an individual's salary costs, fund a tailored training and development programme and fund the activities needed to complete an appropriate knowledge mobilisation research project.

In order to encourage partnership working between the NHS and Higher Education Institutions, applications must be supported by at least one higher education institution and one provider or commissioner of publicly funded healthcare services. Because applications are welcomed from individuals working on either side of the organisational divide that this programme aims to bridge, the specific experiences and competencies expected of the applicant are dependent on their background.

Further details, full eligibility criteria and instructions for applicants are available on the NIHR website. Applications must be submitted to the NIHR TCC by 1pm on 24 September 2015.