Innovative projects invited to link under European health collaboration

Posted on 15 May 2015 (Permalink)

During the first Innovation Roadshow, held at the Technical University of Munich on 8 and 9 May, EIT Health KIC partners were able to meet one another to discuss potential projects and areas of priority activity. Some guidance was also given regarding the type of projects requested and what would make a good project.

Please read carefully through the advice on creating successful EIT Health KIC projects and requests for collaboration. If you would like to be introduced to a partner or collaborate directly on a project suggested in this summary, please email Claire Potter at

As project collaborations need to be formed to meet rapidly approaching deadlines, please respond by noon on Friday 22 May 2015, at the latest, if you think you have a project activity that you could develop with one of the partners listed in the summary. 

If you wish to respond more generally to a longer-term collaboration, or a non-EIT Health KIC related activity, please do so by Friday 29 May 2015. When responding, please state: your organisation; who you would like to partner with and why; your areas of relevant expertise; whether you wish to collaborate on a project for this call or on a more general basis; and what your organisation can contribute.

We have had an offer of collaboration from the Biomechanical Institute of Valencia. If you would like to follow up any of the project proposals after reading about the organisation and its contributions, please let Claire know.