EIT Health KIC – Call for Innovation Proposals 2015: Innovation by Design and Innovation by Ideas

Posted on 30 April 2015 (Permalink)

As a core partner within the EIT Health KIC, the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) is pleased to announce that the inaugural call for innovation project proposals is now open.

The EIT Health KIC has announced that up to 25 projects (overall within this first call) will be match-funded within the areas of Innovation by Design and Innovation by Ideas.  Innovation by Design is what we commonly know as ‘innovation pull’ and Innovation by Ideas covers ‘innovation push.

Projects already need to be well-established, in that they must comprise the taking forward ofexisting activities for upscaling and development with at least one other European partner within the EIT Health network.  The projects must also address the ‘knowledge triangle’, i.e. creating collaborations involving research, innovation and higher education.  Successful applications will receive a maximum of 25% of the total eligible costs of their project from the EIT Health KIC with the 75% coming from existing activities i.e. the funding you already have in place for your project and/or contributions in kind.

Thematic focus - Societal Challenges and Business Objectives

Applications should address at least one societal challenge and one business objective of EIT Health.  Societal challenges comprise:  (1) promoting healthy living, (2) supporting active ageing and (3) improving healthcare. The business objectives are: (1) lifestyle interventions, (2) self-management of health, (3) workplace interventions, (4) overcoming functional loss, (5) improving healthcare systems and (6) treating and managing chronic diseases. Projects need to include at least one other Co-Location Centre or Innostar, so you will need partners from other countries.

Submitting a project

If you wish to submit a project application you should submit your application by email to Dr Claire Potter at claire.potter@wmahsn.org by midday on 31 May 2015. The EIT Health West Midlands Executive Team will examine each project submission and get back to all applicants by 9 June 2015. Applicants will either be informed that they can move forward their projects for submission (e.g. for reasons of eligibility) or be given reasons why their projects cannot be moved forward in this bidding round. We aim to provide constructive feedback to all applicants.

The Executive Team will work with any successful applicants at the preliminary stage to develop  their projects further to meet the EIT Health KIC-wide deadline of 22 June 2015. An international evaluation panel will assess all the proposals; and decisions on projects will be included in the business plan over the summer. The business plan will be submitted in September 2015, including a request for funding for the innovation projects and, subject to the business plan being accepted, and funding will start to flow in early 2016.

The project form and the accompanying guidelines and background information can be found below in the links. Applicants are strongly advised to read all materials carefully before they apply.

Project branding

Projects selected and taken forward by the WMAHSN will be badged as ‘WMAHSN’ rather than under the name of the individual applicant partner(s), as the WMAHSN is the core partner  of the EIT Health KIC.