Post-CCT GP Fellowships in Urgent and Acute Care

Posted on 13 April 2015 (Permalink)

An innovative new programme is being delivered in the West Midlands, the Post-CCT GP Fellowship in Urgent and Acute Care. The programme follows the NHS England Five Year Forward View and 10 Point Plan, as well as the 2013 Hunt recommendations for “joined up care, spanning GPs, social care, and A&E departments – overseen by a named GP.”

With an increasing emphasis on admission avoidance and reconfigurations resulting in stepdown care units where GPs could be involved, additional skills training is necessary to meet service requirements and provide comprehensive patient care. The 12 month fellowship was put in place to address this need, by developing a GP capable of practising confidently in new roles in primary and community care, while also managing complex co-morbidity within the acute setting, in emergency departments and medical assessment units.

The fellowship was piloted from January 2014, with seven GPs undertaking the study. Following the success of the pilot work, the first cohort will be launched from September 2015.

Interested parties should apply on the NHS Jobs website by 1 May 2015. If you should have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Aiello at or 0121 695 2577.