Premium membership

An annual subscription for premium membership affords a more intensive and targeted offer which includes access to unique services, annual subscriptions and enhanced access, in addition to all of the benefits of standard membership.

Since the premium membership scheme was launched, we have successfully recruited 14 organisations. This has brought a myriad of benefits to our premium members, including:

  • 71,664 total employees in the premium membership scheme                    
  • £4,865,233 funds leveraged for premium members
  • 17 programmes from premium members supported by WMAHSN
  • 22% of Meridian registered users are from premium membership organisations
  • 19 innovations on Meridian are from premium organisations – 13% of total.

Innovation and Adoption West Midlands - premium

In addition to all of the benefits of standard membership, WMAHSN provides skills, training and workforce development as part of the premium membership package through developing regional and local apprenticeships. As part of the Innovation and Adoption West Midlands premium service, WMAHSN is also investing in the development of an Innovation and Adoption learning community, with a series of premium members-only workshops on a range of topics, and also plans to develop and designate Innovation and Adoption Fellows for each premium member organisation. 

WMAHSN will help to identify financial support for NHS members, assisting them in finding new sources of public and private sector investment in their organisations in order to support innovation and adoption activities; for examples of this please refer to our 2016/2017 Annual Report at


The Innovation and Adoption West Midlands premium service provides enhanced access to the Meridian health innovation exchange which, along with all of the standard features, allows premium membership organisations to create their own bespoke innovation exchange environment in which they can manage their own campaigns and interactions. 

To access this service, contact Tammy Holmes, Innovation and Adoption Programme Manager, on, 0121 371 8061 or 07921 567076.

Industry Innovation Gateway

Premium members are also provided with an enhanced industry liaison support function through the Industry Innovation Gateway, with access to an industry triage service which searches and filters for industry collaborators or suppliers of innovative technologies and services, and provides support and advice on regulation and compliance.

To access this service, contact Chris Dyke, Connectivity Manager, on or 0121 452 5630, or Joanne Mewis, Services Manager, on or 0121 452 5630, or go to

Innovation Pathway

Premium members will receive access to the Innovation Pathway, a suite of practical adoption tools, guides and templates to assist premium member organisations in constructing business cases for the commissioning and procurement of innovation into services.

To access this service, go to Meridian and click on Tools > Useful tools (premium member password will be required)


As part of their package, NHS organisations joining the premium membership scheme will receive a year’s membership of MidTECH, the West Midlands NHS technology transfer office, worth £5,000 per year.

The NHS is full of individuals thinking about how to improve care in their clinical area, hospital or indeed the health service as a whole. MidTECH’s role is to offer the expertise necessary to turn those ideas into tangible products and services that can transform healthcare and have broad impact.

MidTECH provides a full intellectual property (IP) evaluation, protection and commercialisation services.  MidTECH exists to support innovators and to help individuals and organisations as a whole with innovation across the West Midlands, and works with most of the trusts in the region. MidTECH works with NHS trusts, NHS employees, the Industry Innovation Gateway and industrial partners to make a commercial reality of the countless great ideas that power the daily life within the health service.

To access this service, contact James Turner, Senior Innovation Manager, on, 0121 371 8041 or 07342 085994.

Digital Health West Midlands - premium

While digital tools and the use of data are central to most organisations and industries, the NHS and the wider UK care sector have yet to lever their full benefits. The Wachter Review, published in September 2016, provided clear recommendations that resonate with our own experience and which support WMAHSN’s approach. They were:

  • The establishment of Global Digital Exemplars (GDEs), with targeted investment to help specific NHS organisations to become world class
  • Developing a workforce of trained ‘clinician-informaticists‘
  • Sharing learning and experience between GDEs and other NHS organisations.

Our work to date has established a wide-reaching network of people from the NHS, academia, the wider health and care sector, industry and patient organisations. We already support NHS England and partner NHS organisations with the development of Local Digital Roadmaps. We have a proven model (through the Innovation and Adoption West Midlands premium service, the Serendip® Digital Health Incubator and our opportunities process) for establishing productive partnerships between the NHS and digital innovators, whether commercial, public or third sector.

The challenge now is to provide a clear focus on driving improvements in infrastructure, interoperability, use of data and technology, and the capability and capacity of care and technology professionals, citizens and patients. The foundations exist, with WMAHSN’s investment in Serendip®, the successful implementation of the GENIE digital platform for genomics, and a Regional Image Sharing Platform currently being deployed, as well as our support of NHS partners in applying to become GDEs (or to identify themselves as ‘fast followers’ of GDEs).

To access this service, contact Neil Mortimer, Business Manager, on, 0121 371 8061 or 07887 506198.

Digital Health and Data Ambassadors

As part of the Digital Health West Midlands premium service, we will provide three sub-regional ambassadors based in the north, south and centre of the West Midlands region. They will provide:

  • Support for the existing GDEs to identify solutions that address the challenge of becoming world class
  • Support to ‘fast followers’ and other premium NHS members in rapid adoption of learning from GDEs
  • Help clinical, academic and technology professionals in premium member organisations to develop their skills and capacity to drive digitally enabled improvements
  • Help industry and premium member academic institutions to develop and deliver innovative solutions that meet the NHS’s needs, resulting in the mainstream adoption of digital innovation.

To access this service, contact Neil Mortimer, Business Manager, on, 0121 371 8061 or 07887 506198.

Digital Health and Data Learning Community

Based at and incorporating the services of the WMAHSN’s Serendip Digital Health Accelerator, the learning community will be led by the WMAHSN-funded Digital Health and Data Ambassadors and facilitate a number of workshops and challenge-led events designed to help existing and future Chief Clinical Information Officers, academics and IT professionals to mutually develop their own and the region’s capabilities.

Both the Digital Health Service and the Digital Health and Data Network will maintain and develop work already underway within other WMAHSN priorities, such as technology enabled care services for people with long term conditions and predictive analytics and other digital tools to support the RAIDPlus Test Bed.

To access this service, contact Neil Mortimer, Business Manager, on, 0121 371 8061 or 07887 506198.

Personalised Medicine West Midlands

Personalised Medicine (Genomics) Ambassadors

Previously WMAHSN provided genomics ambassadors to the WMGMC to help establish the local delivery partner sites at regional provider organisations for the 100,000 Genomes Project. This has been successfully undertaken. We now plan to migrate the work of the sub-regional ambassadors towards the creation of the Personalised Medicine West Midlands services for premium members; turning the capacity created in the construction of the GMC into a service proposition for clinicians and patients in premium member NHS organisations, and also working with our academic premium members on the creation of more programmes to utilise the research outcomes from the initial GMC work.

The Personalised Medicine Learning Community

Based at the Institute for Translational Medicine at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the learning community will host a series of premium members-only workshops and challenge-led events on a range of topics that will support provider and commissioner organisations to embed personalised medicine and genetic medicine approaches into mainstream service.

To access this service, contact Dr Christopher Clowes, Genomics Ambassador (West Midlands North), on or 01782 671939, Sean James, Genomics Ambassador (West Midlands South), on, 02476 968687 or 02476 965428, or Charlotte Hitchcock, Genomics Ambassador (West Midlands Central), on, 01902 447146 or 07342 07465.

Premium annual subscriptions

Nursing SCRIPT

Nursing SCRIPT is an eLearning programme designed to provide education relating to managing and optimising the use of medicines. Effective medicines management education is crucial in reducing medication errors and improving patient safety, making Nursing SCRIPT a valuable educational resource for all qualified NHS nurses and nursing students in the West Midlands.

The programme contains 16 modules covering the principles of medicines management, managing risks related to medication use, and therapeutic topics such as anticoagulation, infection and pain management. Each module takes around one hour and students can download a certificate on completion.

The learning is aligned to NMC Standards for Medicines Management and Standards for Pre-registration Nursing Education, and supports the World Health Organization’s recent Global Patient Safety Challenge ‘Medication Without Harm’, which aims to reduce severe avoidable medication-related harm by 50% globally in the next five years. The resource was commissioned by WMAHSN and developed by the University of Birmingham and OCB Media Ltd, in collaboration with Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust and in association with Health Education England.

WMAHSN are providing free access to Nursing SCRIPT for all qualified nurses at NHS trusts, and nursing students at academic institutions, with premium membership in the West Midlands.

Nursing SCRIPT’s benefits include:

  • Interactive content that is compatible with NHS IT systems and mobile platforms
  • Easily accessible modules, which are designed to allow for ‘just-in-time’ learning
  • A pre- and post-test in each module to help identify learning needs and knowledge acquisition
  • A certificate generated on completion of each module
  • A dedicated management site for programme directors to monitor to monitor learning uptake and progress
  • The ability for institutions to customise which modules are available and which are mandatory
  • Technical and editorial support from the SCRIPT team.

To access this service, contact the Nursing SCRIPT team on or 0121 415 8825.

OrthOracle online orthopaedic surgery atlas

OrthOracle is an online orthopaedic surgery atlas. Each Atlas documents the comprehensive management of a patient from their initial assessment proceeding on to surgery and then through the process of rehabilitation. Surgical procedures are detailed with multiple high definition images and commentary is provided by an Editorial Board of senior Consultant Surgeons.

The stepwise and defined nature of an operation is best imparted by a series of still, high definition images, which is how the Atlases are structured. Once these steps are understood and can be recalled, this is a very sound base for further training.

To aid this, there are detailed and auto-marked CPD modules for each operation, which can be taken after the academic content has been read.  The objective is the dissemination of best surgical practice and minimisation of adverse surgical events by means of its sector-leading content, combined with the platforms continual availability to clinicians and validated educational modules.

OrthOracle is designed for both Consultant Surgeons, who will use it as part of their revalidation and maintenance of professional standards, and those currently in training. The academic content and CPD modules are accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England and OrthOracle is recognised one of their few digital education centres.

The academic content is currently being produced in the West Midlands region, with the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust participating. Several private hospitals within the region are also part of the project, as are the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore and the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford. The content is written by consultants, whose operations are then professionally photographed.

WMAHSN provides free access to OrthOracle for all NHS and academic organisations with premium membership in the West Midlands, representing value of £5,000 per organisation.

The content provides:

  • High resolution and uniquely detailed operative photographs
  • The most comprehensive written descriptions and advice available on safe operative technique
  • The facility for subscribers to save their own notes direct to their own online version of the Atlas
  • A dedicated CPD dashboard, where all activity on the site is stored and from where it can be  exported
  • A log of all time spent actively using the resource, which allows its export as a validated certificate for appraisal
  • CPD modules associated with all operations, which on successful completion generate a validated certificate.

The whole platform and its educational content are in the advanced stage of a validation by both London and Edinburgh Surgical Colleges. Each Atlas will be completed over a two year cycle. 

To access this service, contact Mark Herron on

Current premium membership organisations

The following NHS trusts and academic institutions in the West Midlands are already part of our premium membership scheme: 

To find out why these leading organisations joined our premium membership scheme, contact Farana Akhtar, Membership Co-ordinator, on 0121 371 8053.