Third sector organisations

Whether you are a charity, voluntary organisation or a social enterprise on the healthcare field, WMAHSN can support you and your organisation in the adoption of healthcare innovation at scale and pace. WMAHSN works with a wide range of partners, including the not-for-profit sector, adult social care, general practice and primary care and secondary providers, seeking to deliver more person-centred care.

All third sector organisations who operate within the West Midlands are automatically enrolled as WMAHSN standard members. The WMAHSN standard membership scheme will remain no cost for all West Midlands NHS organisations and local authorities, as it is subsidised by NHS England. WMAHSN intends to continue to deliver this no cost standard membership scheme for all of its stakeholders until the end of its NHS England licence. 

The membership scheme supports WMAHSN and its stakeholders to achieve the two key objectives of improving health and generating economic growth. There are opportunities for third sector organisations to work with WMAHSN on innovative solutions to healthcare challenges, take part in research, provide patient, carer and citizen insight and help shape policy and direction. Breaking down traditional organisational boundaries and building stronger relationships between members – coupled with better knowledge exchange – will bring lasting benefits as best practice is spread quickly and widely across the NHS in the West Midlands.

Through its opportunities for innovation process and the Meridian online health innovation exchange, WMAHSN wants to hear from third sector members who can work with us on rolling out innovative solutions, models and technologies to address the challenges faced by the local health economy. Alternatively, the process encourages innovative solutions to gaps in current provision in the NHS or social care in the West Midlands. Proposals should have relevance to the WMAHSN’s priorities, and deliver better health and economic outcomes for the region.