Opportunities for innovation

WMAHSN has a process to support the adoption at scale and pace of proven innovations, which deliver health and economic benefits across the whole West Midlands region. By opportunities for innovation, we mean identifying something that is working elsewhere in a different region, industry or setting that has proven benefits from that approach, product or service, which isn’t yet widely adopted in the healthcare and social setting. 

The process is run through Meridian, the West Midlands’ own health innovation exchange, to support the adoption of good practice and share lessons learned on how best to do that. Your participation will help identify and strengthen innovations from across the health and social sector, and in turn create a region that is successful at delivering more for less for the region’s population.

Meridian is an interactive platform for anyone to share their needs, innovations and ideas, build groups and networks and make contact with people whose innovations could change healthcare in the West Midlands and provide a solution to your challenge.

We want to hear from industrial, healthcare, academic and third sector partners who can work with us on rolling out such innovative solutions, models and technologies to address the challenges faced by the local health economy. Alternatively, the process encourages innovative solutions to gaps in current provision in the NHS or social care in the West Midlands. Proposals should have relevance to the WMAHSN’s enabling themes and priorities, and deliver better health and economic outcomes for the region.

Submission process

To take part in the opportunities for innovations process, please register on Meridian. Registration is free and simple, so go ahead and register straight away on the Meridian homepage.  .

Meridian helps to pull in innovations to your identified needs and put into action a solution where one may not have existed previously. You can submit your innovations on the home page in two different places. Campaigns are specific themes where there has been a need identified that requires an understanding of what innovations are already out there, or what could be created through collaboration. These may be time limited or be open ended, in order to support the regional themes and clinical priorities. If you have an innovation that doesn’t fit into a campaign, you can submit it at any time under the Have an innovation that doesn’t fit any campaign? category, also on the home page. For more information, read the guide to getting started with Meridian

Submission criteria

Submissions will be reviewed against a number of criteria, particularly:

  • Is the innovation ‘market ready’; i.e. available for adoption across the region?
  • If not, can it quickly be made ready for regional uptake?
  • Are there quantifiable outcome measures that give a clear indication of return on investment e.g. number of avoided emergency admissions, reduced length of stay, number of harm incidents avoided, amount of money saved?
  • Can the innovation be rolled out quickly?

Approved proposals will receive support from the WMAHSN in various ways. We are seeking proposals for partnership approaches, and while these may identify resource requirements, this is not a bidding process.

If you have any queries, please contact us at meridian@wmahsn.org.