NHS and local authority organisations

Whether you are an NHS or local authority organisation, a commissioner or a provider, involved in health or social care within the West Midlands region, you will be supported in the adoption of innovation at scale and pace. We encourage greater collaboration between the NHS, local authorities, academic institutions and industry to boost innovation in healthcare and life sciences, promoting best health for the population and prosperity for citizens in our region.  

Through our innovation and adoption and the Meridian health innovation exchange (https://meridian.wmahsn.org), WMAHSN will help organisations to develop a challenge-led approach to innovation, improvement, quality and safety. By providing optimal solutions to system challenges, it will enable the sharing of proven innovations and help organisations understand and address the barriers to implementing innovations by sharing knowledge and expertise across sites. 

WMAHSN wants to hear from NHS organisations who can work with us on rolling out innovative solutions, models and technologies to address the challenges faced by the local health economy. Additionally, the process encourages the development of innovative solutions to gaps in current provision in the NHS and social care in the West Midlands. Proposals should have relevance to the WMAHSN’s priorities and deliver measurable improvements in health and economic outcomes for the region.

Membership for NHS organisations

For NHS organisations, membership will produce tangible benefits by increased innovation adoption and the identification of cost effective pathways, as well as access to our expert specialist advice. Membership affords organisations the support to translate research and development into economic benefits, distribute knowledge, ideas and successes across organisations and sectors and share and learn lessons from regional test beds and living labs. Membership will also drive up quality and deliver improvement, including patient safety, via the work of the regional Patient Safety Collaborative.

There are two levels of membership for NHS organisations, standard and premium:

  • Standard membership provides access to specific networks and services relating to our priorities
  • Premium membership incorporates all of the elements of standard membership plus array of additional services, including:
    • Access to the premium Innovation and Adoption West Midlands service
    • Premium access to the Meridian online health innovation exchange, with additional features and tools
    • Access to MidTECH NHS Innovation Hub, worth £5,000 per year
    • Access to the Innovation Pathway, a series of tools and practical support methodologies
    • Access to  the premium Digital Health West Midlands service
    • Access to the premium Personalised Medicine West Midlands service
    • Annual subscription to Nursing Script, worth £10,000 per trust 
    • Annual subscription to OrthOracle, worth £5,000 per trust
    • Access to the EIT Health consortium worth £5000 per Trust and other relevant funding

At present, premium membership is only available to NHS organisations within the West Midlands region.