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The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network creates and supports an environment in which the health and wealth of the population of the West Midlands can improve and prosper. The WMAHSN brings NHS and local authority health and social care providers and commissioners, industry and the private sector, academia, the third sector, patients, carers and communities together to make a real and lasting difference to health and social care in the West Midlands.

We lead, catalyse and drive co-operation, collaboration and productivity between our members and accelerate the adoption of innovation to generate continuous improvement in the region’s health and wealth. We encourage great ideas and create a landscape where these ideas can be taken up, barriers broken down and, through partnership with industry and the commercial world, be developed, adopted and spread to maximum effect for the health and wealth of West Midlands people.

No matter what type of stakeholder you are, the WMAHSN can support you in the adoption of innovation at scale and pace and you can get involved with the WMAHSN in a number of ways: